Product Release FAQs

Hey everyone! Yesterday we held our first poster release of 2017 and were met with quite a few questions. With the start of the new year, we thought it might be helpful to put together a few product release FAQs in the hopes of addressing some concerns. If you have any additional questions, though, don't hesitate to contact us! We're happy to help.

Why are your releases so limited?

We began as a limited edition company built by collectors for collectors. As our company and fanbase has grown, we've done things to increase the availability of our products (timed editions, more frequent releases, multiple posters for beloved properties), but the truth is that we have always been designed to be a company that produces a collectible product that by its very nature will sell out.

Why do you allow people to resell your products?

We do not encourage or condone the re-sale of our products, but an aftermarket pops up in almost all limited edition industries. Once an item is purchased from our site, we don't have control over what a customer does with it — and some people choose to put it on eBay.

I saw a print listed on eBay before it even went on sale. How is that possible?

Products are never pre-sold. If you see an eBay listing before we release it, the seller has not secured the product in advance, nor do they have it in hand.

What are you going to do to stop bots on your site?

As with scalpers, bots are always a concern when it comes to limited edition items. We're actively working with our webstore host to combat bots, but it's tough. Please know that we hear your concerns and are always working to make releases as fair as possible.

Why don’t you use captcha?

We’ve tested various validation systems and found that they often inadvertently cause more problems than they solve for releases like ours. We’re continuing to explore ways to implement systems that keep things fair.

The poster I wanted wasn't on the homepage once the sale was announced! Why the delay?

For high-traffic releases with thousands of people waiting on the site, we sometimes see a lag from when we make a product live to when it shows up in customers' browser windows. This is another thing we're working to fix!

The print was sold out before it was put on the website. How is that possible?

People are fast. So fast that a really popular release can be completely carted in literally one second. We can assure you that when a product goes live, inventory is available to cart.

As always, we understand and sympathize with the frustrations of collecting limited edition items. We welcome your feedback and will strive to address concerns. Thanks guys!

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