PULGASAURI - The Beast Unleashed (and he's big Big BIG!)

The Big Beast from the North is back, and he's bigger than ever!!! To cap off the month of Pulgasauri, we've got the biggest and baddest version yet... 12 towering inches tall! We're super excited about this one and wanted to share the process it took to bring the small and large Pulgasauri soft vinyl figures to life.

But before we talk about the big boy, let's take a look at the smaller 8" figures that kicked things off in February.

It all starts with the sculpt. We've been huge fans of DopePope's amazing kaiju sculpts for a while now, so who better to bring us this project — and flawlessly tackle it — than him? As with all his work, he absolutely crushed it. Here's a look at his final digital pass.

Pulgasauri Renders

DopePope did an absolutely beautiful job on this piece and we look forward to working with him more in the future.

Next, after the sculpt is finished, the figures are 3D printed and painted.

And now... drumroll... on to the big one! We're all huge fans of the work X-Plus puts out, and after seeing what DopePope pulled off, we had the idea of beefing this guy up into a hyper-detailed 12" version in the style of X-Plus.

To achieve this, we took it in-house and Hector Arce handled all the necessary adjustments, making this the definitive version of the iron-eating monster. 

This was Hector's first digital pass.

First Digital Pass

After that, we 3D print and prep it for paint.

Finally, we send it off to our manufacturer, Acro. Acro is an amazing company based out of Japan who've done many of the hyper-detailed soft vinyl figures available now.

Here's a small army of Pulgasauri getting painted by Acro:

In the end, we receive this amazing looking product from Acro, all ready for a home and available now.

Which leads us to... Announcing a new category for the Mondo Toys and Collectibles department: SOFT VINYL FIGURES!

We're absolutely in love with the world of soft vinyl and sofubi toys and will be diving deep into it over the coming months and year.s Our new soft vinyl toy category is where we'll be releasing in-house designed soft vinyl figures from licenses like Toho and Marvel, as well as distributing exclusive figures from toy designers we love.

This new category will be ground zero for us to get super creative with our licenses as well as work with some of the best and most talented toy designers out there. In fact, we thought it'd be nice to give you a sneak peek at some of the upcoming soft vinyl we'll be releasing.

Man-Thing Soft Vinyl by James Groman and Mondo Toys

We've shared some concept art for James Groman's take on the Marvel Comics monster Man-Thing, but are absolutely thrilled to share James' massive finished sculpt, which comes in at a giant 12" tall! Not only does James design and illustrate, but he sculpts and paints his creations too. Check out his instagram to see more of his amazing work and give him a follow. James is a toy industry legend and his outrageous talents are on full display here. 

Can't wait to show you all this guy painted up!

Hedorah Soft Vinyl by Mondo Toys

Continuing our Toho collaborations, we will be releasing multiple colorways of Mondo Creative Director Rob Jones' favorite smog monster, Hedorah. Godzilla's pollution-spewing adversary is coming in at 6" tall, in gorgeous rotocast vinyl. This figure continues our in-house creation of soft vinyl figures, designed and sculpted by our own Hector Arce. We thought we'd share a first pull blank we received from our manufacturer Acro. 

Godzilla '84 - Return of Godzilla Soft Vinyl by Mondo Toys

Since Toho is letting us have so much fun with their amazing world of monsters, we couldn't stop with Hedorah. We'll be following up with a rotocast 7.5" tall Godzilla '84. Designed in-house by Hector Arce, we are excited beyond words to get our first official Godzilla soft vinyl toy out into the universe. We're thrilled with how the first pull came out, and you'll see why below.

We'll be sharing all the crazy colorways For Godzilla and Hedorah very shortly. Keep a lookout for these soon!

Future Me Mondo Exclusive Variant by Alex Pardee and Rocom Toys

We'll be releasing a variant of Alex Pardee's FUTURE ME figure in collaboration with Rocom Toys. We're huge fans of both that company and Pardee, so this one was a no-brainer. Coming in the very near future.

Alex' original illustration that the figure is based on:

Future Me

...and here's the Glow-in-the-Dark Mondo Variant:

The future ain't bright

Sky King Pterantor Glow-in-the-Dark Mondo Variant by Chris Lee / The Beast is Back

Last but certainly not least, the final soft vinyl monster we have to share comes from illustrator extraordinaire Chris Lee, a.k.a The Beast is Back. We will be releasing a Mondo exclusive of Chris' Sky King Pterantor figure, which we absolutely love! Here's a little tease Chris provided us with:

We're thrilled to be rampaging into the world of soft vinyl toys and have even more fun originals and collaborations coming up, which we'll be sharing with you soon. We really hope you'll join us on our soft vinyl journey. 

Thanks for checking out some of our upcoming projects! Stay healthy, wear a mask, and when conventions are back, please come and say hello. We truly appreciate all your support!

- Mike & Hector

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