PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE + MAGNOLIA Restock (Vinyl) (On-Sale Info)

Mondo Music, in collaboration with Nonesuch Records and Rhino Entertainment Company, are proud to present the soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson’s PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE for the first time on vinyl. 
Featuring the groundbreaking score by Jon Brion and original artwork by Greg Ruth, the album is available on 140 gram blue, black or Mondo exclusive swirl vinyl. 
We’re also restocking the MAGNOLIA soundtrack on 140 gram white vinyl, featuring songs by Aimee Mann, the original score by Jon Brion and artwork by João Ruas. 
These records will be available to order Wednesday, September 27 at 12 NOON CT at The Record Shop. 



PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, aka Paul Thomas Anderson’s “art-house Adam Sandler movie,” is loosely based on the exploits of a real man who accumulated over a million frequent flyer miles by buying pudding. More than that, it is one of the 21st century’s most singular films, one that we return to yearly, one that pushed the boundaries of romance, musical, and yes, Adam Sandler movies. 
Jon Brion’s second solo score for Anderson cemented his reputation as a genius composer capable of elevating the work of our finest living filmmakers. Initiated well before principal photography, Brion’s music was intimately involved in the making of the film, his rhythms at times composing whole scenes themselves. Recording sessions were conducted throughout editing, with vintage RCA mics, prepared piano and multiple orchestras, inspired by the old MGM musicals that PTA loved. Anderson has always employed music brilliantly in his films, and in PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, the score is its bright and beating heart. 
Interpolating oldies like Shelley Duvall’s “He Needs Me, ” (from POPEYE) and Conway Twitty’s “Danny,” the soundtrack also includes the beautiful “Waikiki,” performed by Ladies K. We’re proud to bring this intoxicating work to vinyl for the first time, with gorgeous original art by Greg Ruth. PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Original Score by Jon Brion. Artwork by Greg Ruth. Pressed on 140 Gram Swirl Vinyl. Also Available on 140 Gram Blue or Black Vinyl. Estimated Shipping 7-10 Days. Ships Worldwide. $30. 




MAGNOLIA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3XLP. Songs by Aimee Mann. Original Score by Jon Brion. Artwork by João Ruas. Pressed on 3x 140 Gram White Vinyl. Estimated Shipping 7-10 Days. Ships Worldwide. $45.

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