RAISING ARIZONA Poster & Enamel Pin by Andrew Kolb!

Tomorrow we'll have a new poster for Joel Coen's comedy classic RAISING ARIZONA by Andrew Kolb! Written by the Coen Brothers, the film is a fast-paced and hilarious story following bumbling ex-con H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) and his officer wife, Ed, as they kidnap a child (from a set of quintuplets) after learning they're unable to have children. RAISING ARIZONA is pure comfort food and if you haven't seen the film, you're in for a total treat.

When it came to assigning the poster and pin, we knew pretty much instantly that Andrew Kolb was a great fit for the title. His artwork and style lends itself perfectly to the comical and animated tone of the film, and we love how this poster and pin turned out.

Both the poster and enamel pin will be on sale on Thursday (7/12) at a random time via mondotees.com.

24"x18" Screen Print, Edition of 200
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship by September 2018

"Raising Arizona is basically a live-action episode of Looney Tunes, right? The violence, the comedy, even the plot just feels like it was ripped from Saturday morning. I basically had that in mind the entire time I was working on this. The initial sketch only used characters that were originally from the diaper chase-scene (the cops, the dogs, the convenience store clerk, etc.), but then I realized I'm a grown-up and can do whatever I want and everyone was on board with putting in Dot, Arizona Sr., and so on. As for the palette, using this many colors almost feels like a cheat, but we wanted it to be as vibrant as a the film deserves. Oh and sky was meant to be a subtle nod to the "That's All Folks!" closer. Like I said...Saturday morning cartoons." - Andrew Kolb

H.I. McDunnough Enamel Pin
Designed by Andrew Kolb
1.5" high soft enamel pin on black metal. Double posted with rubber clutch backings
Expected to Ship Early August 2018

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