RED ROOM by Ed Piskor (On Sale Info)

Tomorrow, we've got a new poster by an artist that we love for a book that we're excited is finally here: RED ROOM by Ed Piskor. Simply put, Ed is one of the best cartoonists working today, and his new series, RED ROOM, only adds to his legacy.

Together with our friends over at Fantagraphics, we are so excited to celebrate the release of this book with a brand new, screenprinted poster for Issue #1: "Murder on the Dark Web via Cryptocurrency". RED ROOM is sensationalized splatterpunk and outlaw comics at its absolute and uncomfortable finest, and as only Ed can conjure (possibly not for the faint of heart).

Head to your local comic shop and pick Issue #1 one up (it's in stores today!). You can also head to Fantagraphics and pre-order the first four issues.

Finally, we can't recommend Ed's and artist Jim Rugg's podcast, CARTOONIST KAYFABE, enough. If you have even a passing interest in comics past or present, we highly suggest marching over to their YouTube channel and checking out the goods. And read more comics.

RED ROOM Screenprinted Poster. Art by Ed Piskor. Printed by Lady Lazarus. 24" x 36". Edition of 150. Expected to ship in July 2021. Ships Worldwide. $50.

Available Thursday 5/20 at 11am CT, on The Drop.


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