Rob Jones' Top 10 list of 2018!

Rob Jones, Co-Founder/Creative Director

In no particular order, here’s 10 headlights that froze me to the highway.

#1: THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH by Martin Ansin

I know I just wrote “in no particular order,” but this stands as my all-time favorite poster release from Mondo. It only took a perfect pairing of subject matter with Martin’s magic to dethrone MANIAC, but Ken Taylor's meditation on the mystery of Joe Spinel still enjoys a silver chair in my brain.

#2: MEGA MAN by Sachin Teng

Sachin always manages to induce jamais vu when tackling a familiar character. To my eyes, they rendered an uncanny limbo where MEGA MAN seems to come apart and together simultaneously. That’s about how my skull luggage feels most of the time.

#3: THE MUMMY by Stan & Vince

I doubt any monster kid loudly proclaims the Mummy as their favorite flavor in the Lik-M-Aid pack, yet something about the film continues to inspire Mondo posters as enchanting as the Scroll of Thoth itself. Stan & Vince continue their rampage through the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS line-up with this worthy follow-up to their CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.


This could practically pass as an unseen original release Italian two-sheet that found its way into the Time Tunnel. More than most artists we work with, Eric’s rendering and design always appear authentically mindful of the film’s era. It also reminds me that I want to build an Alpha-Omega Bomb dragster.

#5: Waiting for Julien by Laurent Durieux

Every piece in Laurent’s recent gallery outing won both showcase showdowns, but this smoky whisper in particular floated above the rest for me. Nothing to do with the film it’s based on, I’m just glamoured by the tableau of sophisticated solitude with death creeping down behind. If you added sideburns to Florence here, it practically captures most nights for me.

#6: Mr. Freeze 1/6 Scale Figure from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Line

Straight from Ian Curtis’ toy chest. Mondo’s Burbank collectibles crew really go extra miles accessorizing their figures beyond action-related equipment. If Mondo ever released a DAREDEVIL Season 3 “disguised” Bullseye figure, you can bet it would come with a vacuum cleaner.

#7: DEAD RINGERS by Sara Deck

I’m a sucker for Jeremy Irons and Foreigner, so I’m naturally spirited away by Sara Deck’s masterful tribute to my own personal celluloid Ghost of Christmas Future.

#8: GAME OF DEATH by Gabz

I used to write out Bruce Lee quotes to set atop my computer monitor. I hoped his thoughts could temper my will against smoking. They didn’t. Gabz hammered out an elegant traffic sign of a poster that demands respect of the legend. I might try hanging this in the office to see if it works better than my crummy notes.

#9: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE by Robert Sammelin

A TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE poster that clamps your attention without showing a chainsaw. Quite a trick. Sammelin’s fluid take of Leatherface inspires any witness to dance like nobody’s looking.

#10: Krampus Tiki Mug by Florian Bertmer

Too many great tiki mugs offered this year to list, but Florian’s sculptural salute to his homeland’s most beloved paedophage seems most likely to leave the box and join his horned brethren in my office.

Honorable Mentions:

If I remain true to my usual caveat of including items likely finding a showcase in my house, then I’d choke the above list with all of our amazing BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN pieces this year. I’d be remiss not mentioning the macabre servings from Jonathan Burton, Ken Taylor, and Greg Ruth who all paid duty to the cult of Elsa. Also top hat tips to Dombrowski’s phantasmagoric DOCTOR STRANGE, 100% Soft's (Truck Torrence) “something new every time you look” refreshing take on DIE HARDand Whalen’s Spider-Ham enamel pin.




DOCTOR STRANGE by Johnny Dombrowski

DIE HARD by 100% Soft

Spider-Ham Enamel Pin by Tom Whalen

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