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SLUMBERLAND (Vinyl) (On-Sale Info)
Ever since we saw CAPTAIN MARVEL back in 2019, we've been eager to release something by the brilliant composer Pinar Toprak - we were lucky to see SLUMBERLAND a few months ago and were excited to see her name in the credits - even more excited once we heard the music itself. It's a wonderful Amblin-esque throwback score for a very sweet film (streaming now on Netflix). It also features original artwork by one of our favorite artists, Devin Elle Kurtz.
SLUMBERLAND - Music from the Netflix Film is now available for pre-order at

Mondo, in partnership with Netflix, is proud to present Pinar Toprak's enchanting score to the all new Netflix Original Film, SLUMBERLAND.
A fantastical journey presents itself to a young girl named Nemo in search of meaning in the face of tremendous loss. If these seem like heavy themes, you're not wrong - but in the spirit of the best family films, SLUMBERLAND is simultaneously a visually arresting, swashbuckling adventure that never panders to its youngest demographic. 
The score never betrays the brilliant mix of tones - bouncing between fictional dreamscapes and the cold reality that Nemo wishes to escape from. Toprak (Captain Marvel, The Lost City) brings the tender sensibilities of a vintage 80's-era Amblin score.
This vinyl has artwork by Devin Elle Kurtz and is pressed on exclusive 140 gram color vinyl (also available on 140 gram black vinyl). 

SLUMBERLAND - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LPOriginal soundtrack composed by Pinar Toprak. Artwork by Devin Elle Kurtz. Pressed on exclusive 140g color vinyl, as well as 140 gram black vinyl. $30

TALES FROM THE LOOP - Original Soundtrack 2XLPOriginal soundtrack co-composed by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan. Artwork by Simon Stålenhag. Pressed on 2x 140g eco vinyl, as well as 140 gram black vinyl. $35

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