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Stay Safe and Save Collection FAQs

We've gotten a few questions regarding our Stay Safe and Save Collection. We've  provided some information we hope clears up any confusion. In addition, we'd like to say a huge Thank You to everyone for your continued support and we hope everyone is staying safe out there!

What's the discount?

Buy 3 or more products from the Stay Safe and Save Collection and receive 15% off those items only + free shipping if those are the only items in your order. Free Shipping applies to the Domestic United States (50 states + DC).

What's in the Stay Safe and Save Collection / What product(s) does this promo apply to?

The Stay Safe and Save Collection consists of a curated selection of games, books, pins, collectibles and tikis plus all of our puzzles. The offer only applies when 3 or more products within this collection are purchased. 

If I buy 3 or more products from the Stay Safe and Save Collection and another product not included in the collection, why am I being charged for shipping?

Unfortunately, we are unable to separate promo-specific orders from other orders when everything is in the same cart, meaning if you buy 3 or more products from the Stay Safe and Save Collection and add a product not included in the collection to the same cart you will be charged the shipping amount for all products in your cart.

We suggest you complete 2 separate orders to receive the shipping discount provided in the Stay Safe and Save promotion. Do not combine your Stay Safe and Save order with any other product purchases. Complete your Stay Safe & Save promo purchase without adding any additional products (products not included in the collection) to your cart and you will receive the 15% off + free shipping (if order is shipping in the Domestic United States).

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