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Sunday Scaries with Spencer Hickman, Head of Music!

As a kid I was always interested in Universal Monsters and horror stories but it was the TV version of SALEM'S LOT split over two nights in the UK that really solidified my love for the genre and set me on the path of being a monster kid for life. That film terrified me and kept me up for many nights with nightmares; before I knew it I was growing my hair like David Soul and watching every horror film that was on TV — this was before VHS (god I’m old) so it means many hours of sneaking downstairs after my parents had gone to bed to get an education in terror! Once VHS became a thing it was all over for me, I remember my dad buying me an ex-rental of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (before it was banned) and bunking off school with friends to watch CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

Horror has shaped me, and I still get chills watching a new horror film. My love of horror has given me lifelong friendships, a lifelong collectable habit, tattoos and a love of the greatest holiday ever invented (Halloween of course) and a general love of macabre that if I didn’t have I’d be dead inside! I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the killer work my buds in other departments do so I have picked out five items you must own this Halloween created by Mondo! Enjoy.

DEVILMAN Vinyl Figure (Blue Variant)
Absolutely kick ass anime/horror crossover and this figure captures the brutal essence of the character absolutely perfectly.

Alfred Hitchcock 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure (Mondo Exclusive)
Celebrate halloween with the master of horror himself, absolutely love the attention to detail on this figure.

THE WIND Screenprinted Poster
Criminally under-seen - THE WIND is an incredible film and this print by Candice Tripp is amazing. It captures the mood of the film perfectly. Catch the film on VOD and I guarantee you’ll be back buying this poster!

Bob the Ghost T-Shirt
Come on man, this is just PERFECT! This is Halloween distilled down to it’s very essence!

Universal has all the good monsters but Creech holds a special place in my heart and Francesco Francavilla’s pin is just glorious it captures the Creature in all his shiny glory.

Check back next Sunday for more scares with our Creative Director of Apparel & Accessories, Allie Whalen!

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