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Sunday Scaries with Allie Whalen, Creative Director of Apparel & Accessories

It took me a long time to dive into horror, but there are two very specific cinematic scary moments I remember that probably set me on the path for success. The first would be the horrifying scene in DUMB & DUMBER where Lloyd Christmas rips the beating heart out of another man's chest (nightmare fuel), and the second is watching THE GATE in my friend's basement late at night, drinking Squirt Soda, and pretending that I kept the light on because I couldn't find the light switch.

When my goth years hit in high school, horror felt like the ultimate comfort blanket - this was were the misfits met to talk about the dark, the macabre, and the gory. Nothing landed quite as perfectly as the inescapable inevitability of the BOOGEYMAN (fate never changes) which has inspired a life-long love for staring death in the face and watching terrors unfold on screen. We're all going to die, so why not have some fun thinking about all the FINAL DESTINATION-style ways we could be decapitated? While our adrenaline rushes from a spooky scare and we contemplate our timely demise, here are my five picks of pitch-perfect petrifying products you can pick up this Halloween season.

TENEBRAE Screenprinted PosterYou can't be a fan of horror without having a special place in your heart for Argento's work, love it or leave it. Jes's poster for TENEBRAE is so quietly sinister, I couldn't dream of leaving it off this list.

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LPA phenomenal film, and this packaging design is straight up a modern marvel. Just astounding.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Tiki MugWho wouldn't want to take a sip out of this pre-historic beast? The artistry on this mug is flawless, with such a depth of details you'll be remiss not to add it to your collection.

THE INVISIBLE MAN Enamel PinCelebrating the classics, DKNG cleverly compose an Invisible Man enamel pin that I covet. The color palette and structure of this pin are very pleasing to me.

Although not specifically horror-film related, I find this eerie yet beautiful design by Becky Cloonan to be the perfect October tee.

Check back next Sunday for more scares with our Marketing Director, Jeff Haidaczuk!

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