Sunday Scaries with Krystal Karim, Merchandising Specialist!

I didn’t find the horror genre, it found me!! I only had a brief glimpse of what the horror meant in my youth. With movies like RESIDENT EVIL, HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, PET SEMATARY, and THE STRANGERS found their way in front of my eyes... they gave me weeks of sweat drenched night terrors! Before those moments my scaries came in the delightful forms of classic BATMAN villains and the “Monsters of the Week” variety in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

However, about five years ago, a few of my friends were convinced that I’d looooove classic horror, so they gave me lists of movies to watch. A daunting task, starting with the classic '80s genre and titles that were more suspense than horror. I fell head over heels. There’s something about the horror genre that can give anyone of any background, race, gender a platform for their experiences and emotions and get an audience to be empathic. I admire where the genre is headed and appreciate its roots. My absolute favorites are SCREAM, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, CAMP, CABIN IN THE WOODS, ALIEN, SUSPIRIA, and TRICK ‘R TREAT. I’m pretty much drawn to anything with an incredible Final Girl, fantastic dark humor, and I’m definitely a sucker for those B-rated slashers!

Here are my TOP FIVE PICKS from our scary Mondo collection that will quench your thirst for Halloween Horror!

Jonesy T-Shirt (Black & White)
Another black t-shirt to add to the closet of black t-shirts. Art by Martin Ansin of Ripley’s cat, from one of the most badass female-led films in the horror/sci-fi genres.

BATMAN - Original Motion Picture Score LP
The sounds of Danny Elfman will always remind me of Halloween. Here’s to my eternal love of Tim Burton’s Batman and Joker dynamic.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD Screenprinted Poster
One of the best parodies of a zombie movie ever with art by Robert Sammelin, this would be a perfect addition to any horror enthusiastic home décor.

Bub the Ghost Dog Two-Pin Set
This adorable 2-pin set is from PARANORMAN, a darling homage to classic horror & zombies with Laika Studio’s talented stop-motion animation. Designed by Tom Whalen, an instant favorite to wear on any button-up collar.

Carafe of Cthulhu Designer Series Tiki Mug
All hail H. P. Lovecraft’s Great Old One! This amazing tiki looks like it’s been in the great depths, awaiting to be called upon.

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