Let’s face it ... the start of the year can be a little boring. No festivals or parties? No blockbusters or haunted houses? What’s the point? Well, today we’d like to share some words of affirmation for the sickos: 
Horror doesn’t have to wait for Halloween. 
We don’t stuff our 12’ skeletons in the closet after October 31st ... and neither should you! It’s scary movies forever, and tomorrow we’re back with killer new posters for two of our favorite classics.  
So stop by The Drop on Leap Day to pick up THE EXORCIST by Zero and THE CHANGELING by David Seidman.  
These screenprints arrive Thursday, February 29 at 12 NOON CT ... only at 


THE EXORCIST Screenprinted Poster. Artwork by Zero, Including a Hidden Spot Gloss Layer. 24" x 36". Edition of 185. Printed by DL Screenprinting. Ships to Select Countries. Estimated Shipping May 2024. $80 

"In creating the poster for THE EXORCIST, my main inspiration came from the wings of the demon Pazuzu. I was particularly drawn to how these wings, along with other details of the demon, subtly weave through the movie, evident in hidden details even before the plot starts, such as Reagan's crafts with winged animals (sculptures and drawings). I aimed to do something similar in my own piece by incorporating these hidden details or Easter eggs in the poster, along with other interesting elements found in the film."  
- Zero 

"Zero’s stunning textural realism places us into the room with Father Karras and Father Merrin at Regan’s bedside. He's captured the hidden evil of the powerful demon Pazuzu overlayed as a subliminal, Friedkin-esque spot-gloss layer over Regan as she levitates in a crucifix-pose above her bed. This pivotal moment of incontrovertible proof allows Father Karras to finally find his faith. As a lifelong horror fan I'm exited to see more classic horror posters from Zero!"
- Josh Manderville, Art Director 

THE CHANGELING Screenprinted Poster. Artwork by David Seidman. 24" x 36". Edition of 140. Printed by Lady Lazarus. Ships Worldwide. Estimated Shipping TBD. $80 
"As an artist whose work is heavily influenced by haunted imagery, THE CHANGELING is a movie that delivers so much through it’s storytelling, atmosphere and visuals. The abandoned antique wheelchair and possessed red ball have become so influential in the horror genre and icons on their own. Using these objects prominently helped me set the scene to perfectly capture the tone and atmosphere of one of my favorite haunted house movies."  
- David Seidman 


"Collaborating with Joel Michaels, the producer for THE CHANGELING, we shared David Seidman’s work alongside examples of classic horror paperbacks of the ’70’s and ’80’s. We wanted to honor the narrative of the original one-sheet with the haunting surrealism of David’s work. Seidman captures the classic horror cover style using the mysterious puzzle pieces that allowed John Russell to uncover the truth behind the Carmichael house and make amends with his own ghosts.” 
- Josh Manderville, Art Director

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