THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure!

It was almost exactly 5 years ago today that we launched our first THE IRON GIANT figure, in the form of the 16-inch tall THE IRON GIANT Deluxe Figure. As it was one of the first projects I worked on when I joined Mondo (almost 7 years ago!), the award-winning figure holds a special place in my toy heart. With that said, today I'm super stoked to share with you just a little peek behind the scenes of a new version of this iconic robot with a heart!

We announced a year or so ago our plans for a line of articulated robot figures called Mondo Mecha, and felt it was fitting to start the line with one of our favorite robots, THE IRON GIANT. We didn't want to just put out the exact same figure, so we made The Giant in a new scale, added a lot more articulation, and well, let me detail you the differences in this video below:

A lot of hard work went into this new figure, from Joe Allard's product layout, to painting by Mike Pflaumer and Hector Arce. But what I wanted to highlight right now is all the time, energy, skill, and creativity the team at Bigshot Toyworks put into the engineering of this figure. Here is just a sampling of all the work that goes into something like THE IRON GIANT. These are images of the digital model, broken down so you can see the various parts outside and in.

We hope you like THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure! In just a few months we'll be bringing you a few more robotic friends. Until then, be sure you have the Mondo Exclusive Giant on pre-order, and look out for more updates about him, and other figures in all our various lines. There just might be a few surprises popping up here and there...

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