INNSMOUTH CREEP Mug plus Tiki Talk with Devon Devereaux of our Designer Series

In the fogged seaport of Innsmouth dwells a diminutive creep who's ready to pour you a drink. Inspired by the Cthulhu mythos, this little critter will follow you home and lurk into your tiki collection.

The deep sea cellar-dweller was designed by the awesome Devon Devereaux and sculpted by the talented Tufan Sezer. This creep may look small, but it can hold a supernaturally satisfying 16oz of your favorite libation. So grab one now and raise your tiki creep high in a toast to the ancient ones!

INNSMOUTH CREEP Tiki Mug. Available in 3 glazeways: Lurking Fear (green), Abyss (blue / gold), and Primordial (traditional tiki brown). Approx. 5.25" in height. Holds approx. 16 oz. Material: Stoneware Ceramic. Artists: Devon Devereaux, Tufan Sezer. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $25.

We were so impressed with the inspired work that artist Devon Devereaux did for our Tiki Mug Designer Series that we sat down with him (virtually) to talk tiki, drinking, art, and more...

What was your initial introduction to the world of tiki?

My uncle Vala is from Tonga. When I was growing up, he would tell me stories of living on the Polynesian Islands and its culture and mythologies. Aside from that, I think Scooby Doo and The Brady Bunch were my first introduction to tiki art. Haha.

What will be the first cocktail you make to drink out of the Innsmouth Creep tiki mug?

Perhaps just a classic Mai Tai.

Can you give us a brief history of your art career?

After finishing art school in Michigan, I moved to the west coast. I have worked in commercial illustrations, comics, fine art, storyboarding, and have been creating tiki art since 2014.

Which mediums do you work in and what are your favorites?

My favorite medium is oil painting. I can push blending and realism much further than in any other medium. I use traditional materials like graphite and airbrush but also use a lot of the digital drawing tools in my day job.

Favorite tiki drink?

Leilani Volcano.

Where do you call home and is there a tiki scene there?

I live in San Diego and there is a huge tiki community here. This has been the home for Tiki Oasis for many years. We currently have the Bali Hai, Grass Skirt and False Idol tiki bars. San Diego attracts a lot of tiki / Polynesian pop artists. Even San Diego Comic Con has a booming presence of tiki art on the floor each year.

Favorite tiki bar?

Hale Pele in Portland, OR.

Favorite tiki mug of all time?

My favorite mug in my collection is the Mr. Lagooni Hai from Tiki Oasis: Monster Island 2016. It was a take on the Mr. Bali Hai mug with features of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Tell us about you, Devon.

I work full time as a Halloween costume artist. I live, breathe and eat Halloween and tiki all year long. I live with my girlfriend and two cats.

For more tiki-riffic art, clothing and unbridled wildness from Devon Devereaux, visit his site HERE.

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