TITANE: Poster and Vinyl (On-Sale Info)
Love is a dog from hell...
We are thrilled to help celebrate this year's Palme d'Or winner, TITANE, which is now opening in theaters across North America. Today, we'll be releasing the original soundtrack LP by Jim Williams with artwork by Candice Tripp, and a poster, featuring artwork by La Boca.
TITANE is Julia Docournau's follow-up to her 2016 festival breakout RAW, and is one of the years most shocking (and polarizing) films. It further explores Docournau's fascination with visceral body horror and, alongside Brandon Cronenberg, places her at the forefront of new directors that want to push boundaries and make us think ... while, at the same time, making it hard for us to keep our eyes on the screen.
To say too much about TITANE is to spoil the twists and turns it delivers. It's an incredibly bold film that pushes outside of genre tropes. It features some incredible performances from the cast and manages to be thought-provoking, uncomfortable, shocking, funny and tender (sometimes in the same scene). It is certainly not for the faint of heart, but those that make it through to the end will be highly rewarded indeed.

You can catch the film this weekend exclusively in theaters, thanks to our friends at NEON. Head over to their site for more information on movie times and tickets.
The soundtrack will be available today at 12PM CT, on The Record Shop, and the poster will go on sale on The Drop, later today at 2PM CT.

TITANE - Screenprinted Poster: ON SALE AT 2PM CT on The Drop:

TITANE - Screenprinted Poster. Art by La Boca. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 2-color screenprint with metallic ink. 24" x 36". Edition of 120. Expected to ship in February 2022. Ships worldwide. $50

TITANE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP: ON SALE AT 12PM CT on The Record Shop:In conjunction with our friends from Milan Records, we are thrilled to bring you Jim Williams' incredible score to TITANE. Reuniting with director Julia Docouranu (after also scoring RAW), and hot on the heels of his outstanding work on POSSESSOR, Williams once again proves that he is one of the very best composers working today. His work here is, at times, cold, pulsating and ominous. However, these pieces are interspersed with tender passages that offer glimmers of hope, shining through with warm tones and intricate melodies.
Williams said, "The score for TITANE grows from a short theme for a scene where the protagonist leaves home in startling circumstances. Initially, in a contemporary popular music style, with a tinge of John Barry, this was later set with metal percussion and male voice choir, using the Neapolitan Minor for a scene set in a car. As the film develops, the theme takes on an emotional, darker twist." Williams continued, "The main theme for the film ['Sarabande'] is finally set in a Baroque style – a sarabande – that, at first, has the pomp of George Frideric Handel, but that later becomes tender, if rather twisted."TITANE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Jim Williams. Artwork by Candice Tripp. Pressed on 140 Gram Blood, Metal and Oil Vinyl. Numbered edition of 1000, with a gatefold sleeve, housed inside a die-cut outer jacket. $30

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