UNIVERSAL MONSTERS UNLEASHED! Figures, Tikis, Shirt, Pin and Puzzles of the Supreme Beings of Screen Screams

Few cinematic characters are so iconic that they've transcended film to become part of our global reality. But since a certain phantom first visited an opera nearly a century ago, the Universal Monsters have clawed their way to the top as some of the most recognizable and reprehensible faces in the world.

These odious offerings and more are part of our Universal Monsters collection. Die Buy today!

For generations, Dracula, Frankenstein and his bride, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon have chilled the spines of literally billions. And this Halloween, we're celebrating their horror legacy with our biggest, boldest, bloodiest tribute yet.

First, we make creature collectible history with the (we're pretty sure) first ever CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 1/6 Scale Figure. Meticulously crafted and two years in the making, this swamp-rompin' figure has 16 points of articulation, stands at 12" tall, comes with switch-out swim hands and feet, as well as two switch-out heads. Also comes with a fossil hand accessory. Available in classic Creature colors as well as a Mondo exclusive Silver Screen Variant.

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 1/6 Scale Figure. Approx. 12" in height. Approx. 4 lbs. Material: ABS/PVC. Design by Joe Allard. Sculpted by Matt Black. Painted by Anthony Mestas. Packaging by Jason Edmiston and Mike Bonnano. Expected to ship in Feb 2021. Ships to US and Canada. $175.

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 1/6 Scale Figure - Silver Screen Variant. Approx. 12" in height. Approx. 4 lbs. Material: ABS/PVC. Design by Joe Allard. Sculpted by Matt Black. Painted by Mike Pflaumer and Hector Arce. Packaging by Jason Edmiston and Mike Bonnano. Expected to ship in Feb 2021. Ships to US and Canada. $185.

NOTE: Buy the CREATURE 1/6 Scale Figure and receive 20% off (1) CREATURE 1/6 Scale Figure - Silver Screen Variant if purchased together. Limited time offer.

Then we have four brand new Silver Screen glazeways of monstrous mugs of tiki terror, a respectful callback to the very aesthetic of these unforgettable films. Each is designed by the deadly Doug P'Gosh, sculpted by the mischievous Matthew Black, and produced with the turpitudinous Tiki Farm team.

The first is lurking backstage to bring you a horrifying vessel from which to savor your sinister spirits. And who's that shuffling from the tomb holding ancient Egypt's most chilling chalice? Then feast your hungry eyes on the mightily murderous moonlit mug that'll really put some hair on your chest. And bubblin' up from the depths of the drink is a familiar fishy face, 100% stewed to the gills.

Universal Monsters Tiki Mugs - Silver Screen Variants
THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE MUMMY, THE WOLF MAN, & THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. All Hold approx. 16oz. 6.5" in height. 2 lbs. Material: Stoneware Ceramic. Artists: Doug P'Gosh, Matthew Black, Tiki Farm. Tiki Mugs are expected to ship in 3 - 5 business days; Phantom tiki ships in November 2020. Ships to US and Canada. $50 each.

Beloved poster artist Francesco Francavilla keeps the Universal Monsters close to his heart, and was pleased to have some of his classic designs transformed into 1000-piece puzzles. Says the artist himself, "I was so excited when Mondo asked me to turn my Universal Monsters screenprints into puzzles. After seeing how cool and entertaining the Jurassic Park one turned out, I jumped at the prospect to have more puzzle fun with my posters."

Universal Monsters 1000-Piece Puzzles
REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN & THE WOLF MAN. Art by Francesco Francavilla. 20”x28”. Expected to ship in December 2020. Ships to the US and Canada. $20 Each

Without question, the most iconic she-creature in the Universal canon is the boldly bizarre BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. For this 2-sided tee, artist Lenka Šimečková has perfectly captured the unique inhumanity of the Bride, who's the only woman who ever got Frankenstein's monster to utter those three little words: "We belong dead."

THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN T-Shirt. Art by Lenka Šimečková. Manufactured by Impact Merchandising. Double-sided. Sizing: XS-3XL. Next Level 3600 100% cotton white tee. Expected to ship in November 2020. Ships to the US and Canada. $30.

You may have noticed that some dude from the Black Lagoon is getting some much-deserved adoration in this slate... which continues with artist Florian Bertmer's CREATURE Enamel Pin. Show the world how much you love man-sized amphibious maniacs!

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Enamel Pin. Designed by Florian Bertmer. 1.5" H. Soft enamel pin on 2" x 3" backing. Expected to Ship in 3 - 5 business days. Ships to the US and Canada. $10.

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