Year End Top 10 from Allie Whalen, Creative Director of Apparel & Accessories!

I am thrilled to contribute my very first top 10 list for Mondo, in my first year as a part of this stellar Creative Director team. Listed in no particular order, here's 10 apparel & accessories releases that made this first year exceptional.

Mondocon 5 Drinkware by Alan Hynes

We all know Alan Hynes is a mastermind - so it's no surprise his approach towards 1960's aeronautics technical manual turned glassware is this brilliant. Hynes still owes me for the medical bills incurred when my jaw hit the floor upon seeing these concepts.

Mothra T-Shirt by Maggie Chiang

In a world without self-control, this entire list would teem with the entire Toho collection released this Fall. There abounds an amazing array of pins and apparel that feel like a dream come true - but to pick a crowning jewel is this delicate Mothra T-Shirt by Maggie Chiang. I've adored her work for such a long time, and she's kicked the door right in for her first Mondo project. I cannot wait to see more from her.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Satin Jacket by Tuesday Bassen

Tuesday Bassen is a total inspiration of a human being. Her lifestyle brand focuses on ethically sourced materials, sustainability, and inclusive sizing. The way she operates her brand has completely reframed how I approach apparel - so it was a real honor to get the chance to collaborate on this killer BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER satin jacket. The vibes are so perfectly on-note for this cult TV series that it felt like a genuine set prop.

Bruce & Quint Enamel Pin by 100% Soft

I am so grateful that this pin exists. Working with 100% Soft is a real treat, because you know you're going to get concepts that are kawaii, cleanly executed, and maybe slightly disturbing. Shark attacks have never looked so fun.

Panchito Enamel Pin by Matt Taylor

This enamel pin series for THE THREE CABALLEROS is my most personal project of 2019. I have loved this film since I was a kid - a torch I’ve carried both metaphorically and literally in the form of an overused, nearly broken VHS tape salvaged from my childhood home in Chicago. When we first started working with Disney on enamel pins, the idea of finally getting the opportunity to pay homage to this movie that’s meant so much to me had felt like an impossible task. I wanted our first approach to remain faithful to the original character design, but with a style that’s not yet been seen in the massive world occupied by Disney enamel pins. Matt Taylor is a veteran of pin design and provided the perfect combination of reverence and personality that felt like a real love letter to these three avians.

Huey Enamel Pin by Tom Whalen

There’s no easy way to put into words how timeless & clever Tom Whalen’s enamel pin designs are. He has a style so uniquely his own that translates well across a multitude of genres. He’s been killing the game with Marvel for years, so getting his interpretation on classic Disney characters this year has been a fun adventure. His pin series for Huey, Dewey, and Louie in their Halloween costumes are staggeringly adorable.

HONEY BOY T-Shirt by Jay Shaw

This is an incredibly touching film, and definitely among my top for the year. You’d think finding an attractive solitary graphic for this solemn, intensely personal cinematic self-portrait would be impossible. Enter Jay Shaw. There’s no hiding how immensely talented Shaw is and the buck doesn't stop here. This concept came to fruition while he was working on the elegant screenprinted poster for HONEY BOY and my fellow creative director Eric Garza encouraged its transition to an apparel design instead. Couldn’t be happier with the result. Also, who doesn’t love a mustard shirt?

The Long Fall to Hell T-Shirt by Matt Ryan Tobin

Matt Ryan Tobin’s dedication to BILL & TED is undeniable, and contagious. He handed me a vertiable cornucopia of brilliant ideas - what was originally going to be a single shirt design overflowed into a four shirt mini-collection. It’s hard to pick a personal favorite - the Wyld Stallyns band tee is a top contender. I know what I’m wearing to the BILL & TED 3 premiere next year.

Mr. DNA T-Shirt by Bruce Yan

A simple and cleanly executed homage to one of the best characters in JURASSIC PARK, Mr. DNA. The JP logo hem tag is the cherry on top of a “if you know, you know” sundae.

Splendor & Riches T-Shirt by Becky Cloonan

I absolutely adore the artist series of tiki mugs that Brock and the collectibles team have been curating this year. Becky Cloonan’s Splendor & Riches mug is no exception - it’s gothic, haunting, and immaculately illustrated. I was so drawn to this design that I wanted to wear it - so she let me put it on a shirt. Absolutely ace.


Mickey Mouse Enamel Pin by JJ Harrison

LADY & THE TRAMP Enamel Pin Set by Dave Perillo

GODZILLA T-Shirt by WeBuyYourKids

3-D Casey Jones Pin by Ramirez Studios

Killmonger Enamel Pin by DKNG Studios

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