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Year End Top 10 from Brock Otterbacher, Creative Director of Toys & Collectibles!

My top 10 is going to be a tad different. While I have some of my fav products we've made this year, I also wanted to highlight things that happened this year in our lil world that I thought were noteworthy, in no particular order...

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1/6 Scale Figure line

After many years of hinting, teasing, and showing, to finally have these figures in collectors' hands is overwhelmingly satisfying. We're got a lot more fun things planned for this line, and I can't want to get into the new year to share!

Disney Tiki Mugs

While these haven't shipped yet (but they're coming soon), just being able to show the few that we have has been such a joy. Our Sorcerer Mickey mug is already on of my fav mugs we're worked on, and there are some more mugs for next year that are sure to be on this list 12 months from now.


These have been years in the making, and it's been so much fun to take all of our favorite gross-out toys from the 80s & 90s, and combine them with pop icons to come up with something familiar yet new. These little gross guys & gals have a special place in my ol' heart.

Batman 1/6 Scale Figure from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

This figure, which shipped earlier in the year, was such a labor of love from so many people involved with the project. We put a lot of effort into creating a figure that not only honors the classic look of the animated series, but also was fun to play with!

Krampus Tiki Mug

I love our Designer Series of tiki mugs, as it gives us a chance to work with original designs from some of our fav artists, and in this case Florian Bertmer, who turned in and amazing design, and Matthew Black, who nailed that design in sculpt. Tiki Farm helped produce this thing, and it's so much fun to drink from!


While we haven't revealed the collectibles we're working on for this license yet, it's been such a joy to see Allie and Co. working on all the different pins & apparel for various Toho classic films, many of which I got for myself. Can't wait to join in the fun next year!

Splendor & Riches Tiki Mug

Mirroring what I said about Florian and his Krampus Mug, becky Cloonan's entry into our Designer Series is top notch. Tufan Sezer sculpted it to morbid perfection. And best yet, we've only releases two glazes, with more to come!

Designer Con Exclusive Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure

A bit of a cheat since I already mentioned MOTU at the top, but this figure was such a fun piece to come up with, with Hector Arce's unique paint job making ol Bone Face really pop. This is not the last time we'll be doing "MOTUbi" versions of our MOTU characters...

JAWS Tiki Mug

Mike Bonanno & I couldn't wait to work out how to make the icon shark into a tiki mug. And when Mike did the initial design, it was spot on- said everything you needed to say about Bruce, while still being a great mug. With help from Tom "Thor" Thordarson, and Tiki Farm, we put out a mug I am very, very proud of.


With San Diego Comic Con, MondoCon, Power Con, and Designer Con, we got to show all the various projects we've been working on. More importantly, though, we got to talk to a lot of you out there, trading stories, fandom, and occacionally drinks! It's always been a true pleasure meeting and chatting with each of you, and looking forward to doing the same and more in 2020! Salud!

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