Year End Top 10 from Mitch Putnam, Co-Founder & Senior Creative Director

HALLOWEEN by Jiwoon Pak

This one really fell into the “love it or hate it” category for a lot of our fans. I came up with this pairing on the phone with Rob at 3am one night, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All of us fall hard on the ‘love’ side of things, but we don’t blame any fans that hate it, it’s pretty unconventional.

PEANUTS - “Beautiful” featuring artwork by Charles M. Schulz

Another 3am idea on the phone with Rob, the Peanuts show was my favorite thing we did in 2019 (and one of my favorites ever). Of the images we chose together, “Beautiful” is the one that best sums up what we were trying to do. Taking a single panel out of a strip completely recontextualizes Schulz’s work in the best way. So proud of this show.

FULL METAL JACKET by Oliver Barrett

This one blew me away the moment the sketch came in. It’s such a striking, moving image. Oliver has been working with us for years, and he’s shown tremendous growth. Definitely one of the best this year.


The rendering on this poster is incredible. I met Boris randomly in Minnesota, and we were so excited to work with him on a number of projects. Of all the posters he’s done for us, this one is my favorite.


This poster feels so perfect for the property, I love when that happens. At this point, we’re used to Matt being amazing, but this felt like a slight change in style (in a good way). Thank the universe for Matt Taylor.

VERTIGO by Matthew Woodson

The maturation of Matthew Woodson’s style in the eight years we’ve been working with him is unmatched. This poster deserves to be marveled at, both technically and theoretically. This is one we are very proud of.


Working with Martin is one of the biggest privileges of this job. He’s an unmatched talent, and there aren’t any holes in his repertoire. His type is unbelievable, his colors are masterful, and his compositions are always groundbreaking. This is one of his best.

SUSPIRIA by Jack Hughes

What a pleasant surprise Jack Hughes has been. When you see an artist’s work, you never know how their style will translate to movie posters. In this case, perfectly. What a spellbinding piece of art.


This one might have been too weird for a lot of our audience, and the film probably is too, but holy shit, I love it so much. When you do 200+ of these per year, it takes something this new to completely blow your socks off. Tomer still keeps us on our toes with every new release.

THE OMEN by Mark McCoy

Mark is a legend in the hardcore punk scene. He’s lead seminal bands, he runs a great record label, and he’s responsible for some of the more interesting record designs of anyone working today. It was a joy to work with him, one that I hope we’ll experience many more times.

TOY STORY 2 by Tom Whalen

The master returns to what he does best, Disney animation posters. If you don’t have this one, you don’t have them all, and then what kind of collector would you be?

WALL-E by Rory Kurtz

Rory stormed onto the scene unbelievably quickly, and he hasn’t slowed down. A love letter to one of Pixar’s best films, this poster definitely leaves you asking, “wait, that’s a screenprint”? A+ work.

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