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Year End Top 10 from Rob Jones, Co-Founder & Senior Creative Director

In no particular order here’s some splendor that roped the wind.

MIDSOMMAR by Greg Ruth

I tend to have a type with these lists. Anything resembling a set piece from an ursine themed episode of HANNIBAL will get my vote every time. Coupled with the disturbing majesty of the KILLING OF A SACRED DEER poster from last year, Greg is gathering a wonderful dark menagerie.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD by Johnny Dombrowski

An EC cover inspired approach forever gigs my ocular frogs. Johnny D. here reveals his reverence for Gaines’ brood with a wonderfully fresh take on the Cornetto trilogy. All winners, but SHAUN OF THE DEAD shines with exceptional sparkle.

THE EXORCIST by Timothy Pittides

Immediate and poignant depiction of the struggle and stakes in Friedkin’s best known masterpiece. Tim continues to burn it up to a temperature Pazuzu would find comfortable.


I see Vito in church adoring his new god. A harsh god demanding sacrifice, but one that showers respect on those adept at keeping its cruel codes, …or it’s just a kid who misses his mother. Either way, Eric took an established scene and caught the mood in amber with a delicate gorgeous grime.


Matt Ryan Tobin loves BILL & TED. He’d trade a pinky finger yubitsume-style to save the films from a box headed to a trash fire. Doesn’t matter if SEVEN SAMURAI, GODFATHER, CRUISING and DUNE were in the same box. He’d let them burn. If you could offer it, he might cut his other pinky finger off to rewind time. Then he could enjoy watching those films burn a second time while flashing his cocky Newfoundland grin. Point is, he loves BILL & TED a lot.

He certainly shows it in this poster.

The triple six found in title treatment is an amazing touch that would make Bruce Dickinson proud.

SUSPIRIA by Jack Hughes

Sara Deck’s already put this ballerina in a blender with her Mondo work for the film’s premiere. Undaunted, Jack threw his bloody fedora in the ring and produced something equally bewitching. Stunning work that immediately evokes the soundtrack in my head and gears me up for the film.

ALIEN by Phantom City Creative / ALIEN by 100% Soft

We were awarded two amazing ALIEN posters to share with fans this year. Putting both on here as they each performed the same minor miracle of making the property interesting in a fresh way. PCC’s Erickson brought a haunted house vibe to alien surroundings, while Truck went to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate graphically that it isn’t easy being a cat.

FULL METAL JACKET by Oliver Barrett

Pretty succinctly brutal.

THE BIRDS by Paul Blow

Live Peace in Toronto by the Plastic Ono Band sports one of my favorite record covers. A friendly puffy cloud breezes into a perfect square field of azure. I get an effective yet opposite vibe from Paul’s work here. This poster offers nothing friendly other than the cheery landscape below awaiting the feathered void hovering above and bringing dread. Powerfully done.

HALLOWEEN (Korean variant) by Jiwoon Pak

Something about the presentation that makes intensifies MM’s threat level for me. By making him seem safer he became inexplicably more dangerous and uncanny. An interesting alchemy.


CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (Variant) by Jason Edmiston

Amazing tribute palette to Aurora model kits. Very excited to see Jason continue this series.


I pretty much like anything to do with the Bride. If you haven’t seen the Jennifer Beals / Sting / Clancy Brown / David Rappaport version of the tale in THE BRIDE (1985), then treat yourself. I think about it any time I meet someone with a fear of cats.

PEANUTS “Go Home" featuring artwork by Charles Schulz

I ought to hat tip this show as I’m truly likely to cover my office with most of the pieces from “It’s An Art Show, Charlie Brown”. This one is my favorite and generally sums up the skipping groove in my mind when I exit the house.

Full hat-doffs to Jon Smith for coloring and preparing all the original panels for the show.

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