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Black Dragon Press x Mondo #20: Berberian Sound Studio Screenprinted Poster


We're proud to release the next poster in our partnership with the fine folks at Black Dragon Press, writer/director Peter Strickland's loving homage to Italian horror – BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO by artist Edward Kinsella.

2012's BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO is a bizarre, atmospheric thriller that digs deep beneath the skin to probe giallo’s bloody beating heart. The titular sound studio provides Strickland with both a means of paying homage to the esoteric details of giallo—particularly the genre’s unique approach to sound design—and a context for lead actor Toby Jones' audio technician Gilderoy's collapse into madness.

Artist Edward Kinsella
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Product information
Dimensions 18" x 24"
Edition size 50
Printer White Duck Editions
Print type Screenprint