A Clockwork Orange Poster

Artist We Buy Your Kids
Property A Clockwork Orange
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 275
Height 36"
Material Screenprint
Printer DL Screenprinting
Width 12"
"To say that we are excited for this release might be one of the bigger understatements in the history of understatements, or indeed statements in general. Cast your mind back to the heady days of 2010. Remember 2010? No, neither can we. The only thing that's clear is that we are living in a flat in Hoxton, London on a freelancercation (that's a vacation one takes whilst working for themselves). Anyway, we get an email from our friend Eric Nyfler who introduces us to one Mitch Putnam. Mitch works for this thing called Mondo, which we both loved and thought was the tits. Mitch asks us to do posters for two Kubrick films, THE SHINING and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. We get straight to work. There are so many sketches for these two posters from that time. A bunch of them were later shown in a sketch show at the gallery. We get these off to THE MONDO and get word back that ACO isn't going to happen. Booooo.
"So we return to our sunburnt country and carry on with keeping calm. THE MONDO reach out again to get some ACO action going, but this time for some sweet trading card action which leads to the image below. So this idea has been lurking in the shadows for ten years. We think it might be one of our best posters, only because we assume concepts age like fine wine so that should make this a bottle of Grange. We hope you like this and continually thank THE MONDO for their belief in us all these years." - We Buy Your Kids