A Glitch in the Matrix - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Coming together for their 4th feature length collaboration, composer Jonathan Snipes and director Rodney Ascher have descended even deeper into intentional disorientation with 'A Glitch in the Matrix'. For this film about, essentially, people who believe that the metaphysics of 'The Matrix' are real, Snipes has composed a score that is both smooth classic sci-fi and totally obtuse and broken. Just like your mind if you watch the film.
Composer Jonathan Snipes
Artist Lorenzo Fonda
Label Deathbomb Arc
Property A Glitch in the Matrix
Sold Out


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Product information
Vinyl color Black Vinyl


A1 Flashing Lights in Unison

A2 Idea of a Façade

A3 A Variable has Changed

A4 I am a Code

A5 A Spate of Synchronicities

B1 One Base Reality

B2 Orthogonal Travel

B3 Mandela Effect

B4 Gods are Broken

B5 The Dreamless Bed