A Great Stillness LP by Eddie Pepitone

Almost Gone
Distributed title
Label Stand Up! Records
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Product information
Vinyl color Blue/White Vinyl

Eddie Pepitone, known to many as “The Bitter Buddha,” comes across like some powerful alchemist’s admixture of Doug Stanhope, Jamie Kilstein, and Lewis Black—or maybe it’s a cross between classic, sardonic Bill Hicks and modern, relatable René Hicks (minus the rollerskates). No matter how you try to define him, Pepitone’s already one step ahead: so deep into self-judgment that he can give a master lesson in heckling himself.

Pepitone is a master of aggressive tweeting and self-defense and can spot a gang member at 20 paces (the suits, ties, and smiles are the giveaway). The Norma Rae of porn unions and a mourner of the ascot, Pepitone says bluntly, “It’s all about pain here tonight. It all hurts, and it hurts a lot.” See, being an incarnation of the Buddha isn’t all smiles and sunshine: it’s truth. The truth of pain, the choice of suffering. And if you want to stave off suffering, one glorious CD and/or silky-smooth limited edition vinyl album full of directness, short-lived cause commitment (he, too, can be an ardent vegan for 20 minutes if he gets too bored on Netflix), and great Tweets from history might just be the thing.