Adventure Time Poster

Mondo presents a new limited edition, screenprinted poster by vis dev artist and illustrator Ghostshrimp for the 2010 TV series ADVENTURE TIME.
5-color screenprint on French Lemon Drop paper
Artist Ghostshrimp
Property Adventure Time: The Animated Series
Booth 5137


Product information
Edition size 165
Height 24"
Printer Lady Lazarus
Print type Screenprint
Width 18"
"You might recognize Ghostshrimp (AKA Dan Bandit) as one of the creative leads, animator and world builder for ADVENTURE TIME. I loved getting the opportunity to work with the man himself on an ADVENTURE TIME poster that packs in so many characters from the Land of Ooo. On top of that, the enthusiasm and love he brings to the illustration game is unmatched. From coloring books to Grammy-nominated vinyl album covers, Ghostshrimp never fails to make his art engaging and fun." -Josh Manderville, Senior Art Director
"Every time I return to the world of ADVENTURE TIME, it's an insanely nostalgic homecoming! I always wanted to do a wild poster of the Tree House, and I knew it was gonna happen someday. I'm so hyped how this one turned out, better than i imagined!!!" - Ghostshrimp