Airports and Ports LP by Hunter Complex

Distributed title

Airports and Ports is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed synth albums Dead Calm and Zero Degrees (Burning Witches, 2020) and Open Sea (Death Waltz, 2019) and takes a new direction with influences from new age, ethereal jazz and krautrock.The gorgeous artwork was created by Luke Insect.

Composer Hunter Complex
Artist Luke Insect
Label Burning Witches Records
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Product information
Mastered by Darren Page
Vinyl weight 140 Gram


01. Airports and Ports 05:31
02. The Garden 03:32
03. Across the Atlantic into Africa 04:43
04. The Great Rain 03:12
05. The Windburn is Terrible 05:17
06. New Arrival on the Island 07:06
07. Dirty Snow 03:28
08. Why the Water's Still at Night 05:17
09. City Pulse 05:48