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Animal Furnace LP by Hannibal Buress

Distributed title
Label Stand Up! Records
Sold Out


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Product information
Vinyl color Black/Mustard/Silver Tri-Color Vinyl

Hannibal Burress, the Lenny Bruce of grocery store and moustache humor, isn’t prone to half-steppin’, as evidenced by not only the glorious, extended recording of his brilliantly-titled Comedy Central special “Animal Furnace,” but also by the release of the extra-super-glorious, ultra-limited edition tri-color vinyl on Stand Up! Records. 

Rolling, at his signature pace and in his singular cadence, from the delicate act of introducing your ex on stage (without using her real name in the joke for years to come) to the topics allowed for discussion with those sporting handlebar moustaches, from the emotional rollercoaster that is the airplane bathroom to northern European rape statistics and their proper chronological deployment, and from the reasonability of Odd Future lyrics to why Young Jeezy should stick to his day job, Burress shows, in his second full-length record, why he’s shot to the top of everyone’s Awesome Comics of Today lists, and he’s not coming down. (Those are probably a thing, and if they are, you know as well as we do that Hannibal Burress is on them.) He’s handled bombs, he’s diversified entire college campuses, he’s gotten his goatee brushed, and Hannibal Burress is set to tell all—we suggest you listen.


1) TSA

2) Wack Writing

3) Scatting

4) 5 a.m. In The Morning

5) Jaywalking

6) Bomb Water

7) Air Emergency

8) Vomit

9) MOE

10) Hands-Free

11) We Be Clubbing

12) Moustache Time

13) Masturbation Accusations

14) Why Would You Tell Me That?

15) Debit Card

16) Apple Juice