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Back to the Future — Grays Sports Almanac Enamel Pin


Once upon a time in *a* 2015, Marty McFly makes a spontaneous purchase from a store called “Blast From the Past,” inadvertently setting off shockwaves in time thanks to the machinations of an elderly Biff Tannen. Grays Sports Almanac manages to fit every relevant sports statistic from five decades of baseball, football, boxing, and horseracing into one improbably slender volume, and we’ve also managed to do something similar in this officially licensed enamel pin.

Using prop photos and film stills from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, designer Bruce Yan has crafted a remarkably detailed mini-replica of this most consequential memorabilia shop item in cinematic history, screenprinted and rendered in hard enamel on silver nickel. It comes on backing that riffs on ‘80s toy packaging designs, fake clamshell and all.

1.5" high soft enamel and screenprinting on silver metal, single post with butterfly clutch backing.

Artist Bruce Yan
Property Back to the Future
Sold Out


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