Bathtubs Over Broadway - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Contains complete versions of over two dozen rare vintage industrial show-tunes, with selections from Anthony DiLorenzo’s original orchestral score, plus three original songs written for the film.
Composers Anthony DilorenzoVarious Artists
Artist Mo Shafeek
Label Mondo Music
Property Bathtubs Over Broadway
Sold Out


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Product information
Liner notes Steve Young, Dava Whisenant, Anthony DiLorenzo
Mondo and Back Lot Music are proud to present the soundtrack to the award-winning documentary: BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY
BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY is the hilarious, touching story of former Letterman writer and record collector Steve Young, whose discovery of the bizarre world of corporate musicals leads him on an unexpected journey as he tracks down the creators and performers of these secret industrial extravaganzas.
Featuring detailed liner notes by film subject and industrial musical expert Steve Young, and pressed on 180 Gram Red and Blue vinyl (also available on 180 Gram Black Vinyl)
Listen to our podcast with director Dava Whisenant and industrial musical expert Steve Young


Side A
1. Introduction (Original Cast of The Sound of Selling)
2. It’ll Change Your Life*
Performed by Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra & Session Singers
3. My Insurance Man (Continental Assurance Co., 1968)
4. Thank You Comedy Gods*
Performed by Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra
5. Features to Talk About (General Electric Appliances, 1956)
6. 22 Slices of Bread (Cook Book Bread)
7. The Dishwasher and the Disposall (General Electric Appliances, 1956)
8. There’s a New World Opening Up (Xerox, 1971)
9. Put Payoff Punch in Your Selling (Frigidaire, 1963)

Side B

1. Hot Promotions (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Division, 1977)
2. Salesman’s Sonata (Lipton, 1972)
3. Open That Door*
Performed by Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra
4. Diesel Dazzle (Detroit Diesel, 1966)
5. More Power to You (Ford Tractor & Implement Division, 1959)
6. Setting the Pace (Brown-Forman Distillers, 1953)
7. It’s a Great Big Beautiful Morning (J.C. Penney, 1960)
8. Who Else But Whirlpool (Whirlpool Appliances, 1967)

Side C

1. Just One (Whirlpool Appliances, 1967)
2. Gould Growing (Gould Inc., 1976)
3. It’s Revolution (American Standard, 1969)
4. My Bathroom (American Standard, 1969)
5. The Time for Change (American Standard, 1969)
6. Proximatics (American Standard, 1969)
7. Couldn’t Be Done (American Standard, 1969)
8. I Never Enjoyed My Operation More (American Hospitality Supply, 1967)

Side D

1. Silicones, Silicones (General Electric Silicones, 1973)
2. We Love a Salesman (Standard Oil, 1958)
3. We Were There (Detroit Diesel, 1966)
4. Lookin’ Up*
Performed by Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra
5. Take That Step*
Performed by Various Artists
6. Farewell Pacemakers (A.B. Dick Company, 1962)
7. The Ballad of Steve Young*
Performed by Steve Young

* Original music written for the film