Biollante Soft Vinyl - Energy Spore Variant

Limited Edition
Godzilla’s half sister, the genetically modified Biollante, has joined our Toho Soft Vinyl line! This massive soft vinyl figure measures at 8.5” tall and 8” wide, featuring articulated tentacles, tentacle heads, and an insane amount of detail! This limited edition figure is rotocast in clear soft vinyl infused with green glitter! Designed, Sculpted and painted by Hector Arce.
Artists Gabe ChicoineHector ArceTom Whalen
Properties GodzillaToho
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Product information
Edition size 200
Height 8.5"
Weight 2 lbs
Width 8.5"


  • Concept, Sculpt, Paint: Hector Arce
  • Packaging Art: Tom Whalen
  • Packaging Design: Gabe Chicoine
  • Photography: Raúl Barrero