Buffalo 66 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Limited Edition
Distributed title

Family Friend Records presents the Buffalo '66 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. A film written and directed by Vincent Gallo. Original Music written, composed, and performed by Vincent Gallo. With additional music by Yes, King Crimson, Stan Getz, Eddie Sauter, and Vincent Gallo Sr.

Composer Vincent Gallo
Label Family Friend Records
Property Buffalo 66
Sold Out


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Product information
Bonus material Liner Notes by Vincent Gallo
Packaging details Deluxe Tip-On Sleeve
Vinyl color Black

Vincent Gallo is a true artist in multiple mediums, and the most misunderstood, misquoted, misrepresented talent of his generation. 

This DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) deluxe vinyl pressing was Produced by Vincent Gallo and is the first domestic pressing of the Buffalo '66 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The Art Direction, Cover Design, and Audio Remastering were all done by Vincent Gallo. Housed in a Tip-On Style gatefold jacket with gold foil stamping limited to 1000 copies, the 180-gram black LP is housed in white poly-lined inner sleeves. All designed by Vincent Gallo and Made in the USA. 

It is really nice to know that there was once a time and place when American Independent Cinema really had a heart and soul. Buffalo '66 has more heart and soul than any film of its generation. Vincent Gallo wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film. As well he cut the trailer, designed the poster, designed most of the wardrobe, set the hair and makeup, and scored the films original music. And his masterpiece Buffalo '66 was also the most original film of its generation in terms of plot, style, concepts, and aesthetics. The main character Billy Brown's life story is so terribly tragic and bizarre, and yet you sometimes break into a laugh. Classification avant-garde. This is one of the most raw pure brilliant pieces of cinema ever created. Set in the bleak, harsh winter of post-industrial Buffalo New York, Vincent Gallo's directorial debut is a deceptively radical and modern love story. As the film opens, Billy Brown (Gallo) has just been released from an upstate New York prison after serving a five-year sentence. His character is so unready for the real world, so unfit for society, that his first act as a free man is to request to be let back in to the penitentiary to use the bathroom. 

His second act is to call his parents in Buffalo and arrange for a visit. One slight hitch: They are unaware that he has even been jailed, believing instead that he has been out of the country with his (fictional) wife Wendy performing top-secret government work. When mom (Anjelica Huston) refuses to accept that the bride is sick and insists on meeting her, Billy abducts a teenage tap student, Layla (Christina Ricci), and convinces her to portray his nonexistent spouse. 

Preposterous, yes, but Gallo somehow makes this strangely seductive personality convincing with a charismatic performance that fluctuates between volcanic rage and abject, sincere apology. Ricci is perfectly cast as the fleshy and nurturing Layla, playing her as a kindred spirit to Billy's package of damaged emotional goods. They are both equally at sea in foreign waters. Gallo’s performance in his own film is remarkable and should be part of any master class in acting. As perfect as a film can be. Absolutely marvelous.


Side 1

  1. Lonely Boy by Vincent Gallo
  2. A Falling Down Billy Brown by Vincent Gallo
  3. Fools Rush In by Vincent Gallo Sr.
  4. Moonchild by King Crimson
  5. Drowning In Brown by Vincent Gallo
  6. A Somewhere Place by Vincent Gallo
  7. A Wet Cleaner by Vincent Gallo
  8. Sixteen Seconds Happy by Vincent Gallo

Side 2

  1. I Remember When by Stan Getz
  2. With Smiles & Smiles & Smiles by Vincent Gallo
  3. Heart of the Sunrise by Yes
  4. Sweetness by Yes
  5. A Cold & Grey Summer by Vincent Gallo