Cargo - Original Motion Picture Score LP

Almost Gone
Distributed title
Liesa Van der Aa's score for the 2017 Belgian film Cargo by Gilles Coulier (Best Music winner at Film Festival Oostende 2018).
Composer Liesa Van der Aa
Artist Rutger van Parys
Label Pool Needle
Property Cargo
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Product information
Liner notes Robin Broos
Mastered by Uwe Teichert

Cargo (2017) is not only director Gilles Coulier’s (War of the Worlds, Bevergem, De Dag) first movie. It’s also the first feature film creative artist Liesa Van der Aa wrote the soundtrack to. 

The result has been described by the press as “an exciting soundtrack to the pouring rain”. At the Ensors award ceremony (the Flemish Oscars) in 2019, Van der Aa won ‘Best Music’. “All of a sudden people saw me as a film composer, though I would never consider myself one. You know, the concept ‘soundtrack’ still has a negative ring to it for lots of musicians. As if it’s purely an accessory or some kind of paint buttered over the imagery. After that I still worked on a handful of other films. But I consider Cargo to be my best production work in sound design.”

Robin Broos (author of The Original Soundtrack)