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Christmas Evil 10" LP



Death Waltz Recording Company is overjoyed to bring you a bit of early Christmas spirit in the form of the score to the classic 1980 yuletide slasher movie CHRISTMAS EVIL. When young Harry sees his mother being "seen to" on Christmas night by Santa Claus, it causes a shockwave that starts to convince him that he is Father Christmas. Grown up, Harry makes toys for children and spies on neighbourhood kids, checking if they really are naughty or nice, and violently dismembering anyone who gets in his way, be it churchgoers or co-workers.

The music of CHRISTMAS EVIL is composed by the trio of Don Christenson, Joel Harris, and Julia Heywood, who created a score both menacing and upbeat, with tunes in the Christmas tradition. Like many horror soundtracks of the era, synthesizers dominate throughout, with melodies similar to John Carpenter’s legendary HALLOWEEN, only in a happier and more deranged fashion. Wild and swirling synths acts as a window into the scene of Harry's apparent nervous breakdown, and a menacing mix of foreboding notes and seasonal bells lead up to the frankly crackers ending. This holiday season, give your loved ones CHRISTMAS EVIL.

Pressed on pearl colored vinyl. Includes sleeve-notes from Writer/Director Lewis Jackson and John Waters.
Composers Don ChristensenJoel HarrisJulia Heyward
Artist Nick Percival
Label Death Waltz Recording Co.
Property Christmas Evil
Sold Out


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