Clue: The Movie - Music From The Paramount Motion Picture LP

Limited Edition
Distributed title
Exclusive Mondo variant pressed on Black & White split vinyl
Composer John Morris
Label Enjoy The Ride Records
Property Clue
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 300
Rpm 33
Vinyl color Black & White split vinyl
Vinyl weight 180g

Enjoy The Ride Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present Clue The Movie (Music From The Paramount Motion Picture). Composed and Conducted by John Morris (Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, The Elephant Man), the music for the black comedy murder mystery is a beautifully balanced accompaniment to the themes and mood throughout the film.

Featuring original poster artwork on the cover, Clue The Movie is housed in a 400gsm jacket with black poly-lined inner sleeves and includes a double sided insert.


Side A

Main Title / Trees To Dogs

Mrs. White

Miss Scarlet / Car In Progress

May I Present Mr. Boddy

I Suggest We All Leave / Fight, You Bastard / Hallway Screaming Next Door

Bag In Hall

The Cook Chase / Boddy's Fall / We'll Throw It Away

Stranger At Front Door / Match Cutting / People In Hall

Mrs. Peacock And Plum / Death Bridge / Bridge, White & Wadsworth / Billiard Cue Grab / Go Together

I'll Search The Kitchen / Desk, Fire, Weapons / Let's Try The Conservatory / I've Had A Good Life

Door Pounding To Chandelier Fall

Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell / Cop Panics

Yvette Upstairs To Bell

Side B

Step By Step - Intro / Step By Step

Remember What Happened Next - Part I, II, III / Don't You See? Look! - Part I, II, III

I'll Get To That / Beatnik

Ending A: Your Fatal Mistake / I Shot Her / Cavalry

Ending B: Yvette To We All Ran To Her / To Check That Mr. Boddy Was Dead / Who, Who, Who / Cavalry1

Ending C: Top To You Were / Peacock At Door

End Title

Bonus Cues

Main Title (alternate 1)

Miss Scarlet / Car In Progress (alternate)

Main Title (alternate 2)

Peacock At Door (alternate)

Main Title (alternate 3)

End Title (shorter version)

Main Title (alternate 4)