Coraline – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP


Mondo is proud to release the soundtrack to Laika’s 2009 feature length debut, the stop-motion animated masterpiece: CORALINE.

The soundtrack to CORALINE is as haunting as it is whimsical. With the help of the Budapest Orchestra and Choir behind him, composer Bruno Coulais captures the dark child-like imagination of the titular protagonist with menace and aplomb.

Housed in a Gatefold Jacket featuring artwork by Michael DePippo.

Composer Bruno Coulais
Artist Michael De Pippo
Label Mondo Music
Properties CoralineLaika Studios
Sold Out


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01. End Credits 02. Dreaming
03. Installation 04. Wybie
05. Exploration 06. Other Father Song*
07. The Supper 08. Bobinsky
09. Fantastic Garden 10. Coraline Fly
11. Trap For The Mices 12. Mice Circus
13. Dreams Are Dangerous 14. Sirens Of The Sea
15. In The Bed 16. Spink And Forcible
17. It Was Fantastic 18. Ghost Children
19. Let's Go 20. Playing Piano
21. Wybie That Talks 22. Cocobeetles
23. Alone 24. Dangerous Garden
25. Reunion 26. Coraline Dispair
27. The Theater 28. The Famous Mister B
29. You Know I Love You 30. Mechanical Lullaby
31. The Hand 32. The Party
*performed by They Might Be Giants