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Dazed and Confused Poster

7-color screenprint on French Manila Yellow
Mondo presents a new limited edition, screenprinted poster by designer and illustrator Ryan Besch for the 1993 comedy/indie film DAZED AND CONFUSED.
Artist Ryan Besch
Property Dazed and Confused
Expected to ship in September 2024. Please note that items will be shipped together once all items in the order are in-hand and ready to ship, including pre-order products. Have questions? Please review our FAQs.


Product information
Edition size 165
Height 36"
Printer Lady Lazarus
Print type Screenprint
Width 24"
"Growing up, one of the things that I used to look forward to the most was the sun going down on a Friday night. School was finally over for the week, and the sun setting was the start of whatever adventures were going to happen that weekend. That feeling is one of the things that I latched onto the most with DAZED AND CONFUSED (and other coming of age movies like AMERICAN GRAFFITI) when I saw it as a freshman in ‘94. It’s one night, one 24hr window into the lives of these characters and that’s it. Because of that, I wanted to set the poster just as the sun is going down... the party’s been cancelled and all of the characters are on the prowl for whatever’s next. That's what I think of when I think of that film and being that age. You could end up at a punk show in another city or strike out completely and just mindlessly drive around for the night. Who knows? That was best. And even though it’s a small nod, I'm excited that we were able to work in an homage to Kozik’s iconic DAZED poster, which is still one of my all time favorites."
-Ryan Besch

"For a movie with so many aimless chill vibes, man, it is hilarious to see Fred O’Bannion (Affleck) running around, being a complete goon on a mission to violently haze innocent freshmen the entire runtime. This dynamic plays out perfectly, like an underground comic from the 70s. There was no better artist to knock this it out of the park with a FAH-Q cricket bat than psychedelic gig-poster artist Ryan Besch."
-Josh Manderville, Art Director