Dial Code: Santa Claus - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

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Distributed title
Composer Jean-Félix Lalanne
Artist Tom Hodge
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Product information
Vinyl color Red/Green Split Vinyl

Mixing Christmas themes with hair-raising screams,  Dial Code: Santa Claus  concerns young Thomas - a kid with an IQ number as long as his mullet - whose infatuation with games of war and obsession of Father Christmas come together in a night of terror when his house is invaded by a maniac who believes he is Père Noël himself… 

Composer Jean-Félix Lalanne mixes a range of styles to form a solid soundtrack, utilizing industrial & electro with traditional festive motifs and thriller stings, perfectly complementing the bold visual style of the movie.


Side A

1. The dance of the evil one

2. The eruption by nine

3. Christmas street

4. Funky Christmas

5. The time of respite

6. Red Magic

7. Lack of withdrawal

8. Little train of death

9. The offensive of Thomas

Side B

1. The hiding place

2. The grandfather and the child

3. Hymn to madness

4. The Christmas ogre

5. JR's memory

6. The more of the dream

7. Merry Christmas (Ft. Bonnie Tyler)