Die Nude For Satan - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Composer Henning Zinoviev & Floating Candles
Label Library of the Occult
Sold Out


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Product information
Vinyl color Purple Haze Marble Vinyl

Jonathan Sharp of The Hearwood Institute emailed the library of the occult after discovering the lost reels for the original soundtrack to the euro erotic thriller ‘Die Nude For Satan’ With the help of Jonathan these have now been restored and available to the public for the first time and Henning Zinoviev and floating candles score lives again!’

Bad-trip heaviness and folk horror, exploitation soundtracks and sinister synths, all folded into one long, inscrutable nightmare. Sharp left turns abound - this might very well be what ‘psychedelia’ implied all along. Here’s a strange brew of sex, chills and dark magick, a lost score made for fantasies both chilling and alluring.


1. Die Nude For Satan Opening Theme 02:16

2. Heading To The Country 02:44

3. Exploring The House 01:04

4. Country Life 02:36

5. Alice Makes A Poppet 01:18

6. Hash Party 01:53

7. Nightmares 00:45

8. Alice Dances 01:26

9. The Night Ahead 00:59

10. Sex Magic 01:40

11. Flashbacks 00:58

12. Such A Strange Girl 01:06

13. Under Her Spell 01:38

14. The Last Seduction 01:10

15. Sex, Magic And Madness 02:11

16. The Living And The Dead 01:32

17. End Credits 02:31