Dry Heat LP by Sean Wheeler and Aldo Struyf Mondo Exclusive

Almost Gone
Limited Edition
Distributed title
Dry Heat is a massively entertaining explosion of mind-boggling art, poetic spoken word performance, and compelling musical soundscape.
Label Last Hurrah Records
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Product information
Edition size 100
Vinyl color Mondo Exclusive Blue Vinyl

The Dry Heat vinyl version features the evocative words of Sean Wheeler, the hallucinogenic artwork of Bad Otis Link, and a titillating musical score composed and performed by Aldo Struyf. Through Wheeler's wanderings of the desert cities, Link's art illustrating the shamanistic journey, and Struyf's magical musical score, the Dry Heat vinyl version is a totally unique, immersive experience. Part vinyl record, part graphic novel, and part board game, participants listen to the record, read along with the graphic novel, and play the game that is Dry Heat.


Side A

  1. Second Place
  2. A Great Sad
  3. Valley Coachella
  4. Baby Blue Station Wagon
  5. Mom's First Getaway
  6. The First Room
  7. Brown Couch

Side B

  1. Low Income Apartements
  2. The Devil
  3. Calle Enchillia
  4. As the Sundial Sighs
  5. BMX Bike
  6. Schoolbell Rings
  7. Creosote Breeze
  8. Children Playing in the Desert