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Dude, I Didn't Know! LP by Vomit Spots

Distributed title
Dude, I Didn't Know! is the Vomit Spots' first 12-inch full-length album.
Composer Vomit Spots
Artist Lindsey Kuhn
Label Last Hurrah Records
Sold Out


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Product information
Mastered by James Plotkin
Vinyl color Vomit Colored Vinyl

The Vomit Spots formed in 1985 from a group of friends who all worked for the college radio station WTOH in Mobile, Alabama. The punk band gained a reputation with their gritty, aggressive style and catchy, raunchy lyrics. The Vomit Spots toured into the mid '90s and supported such alt heavy weights as The Descendants, L7, and Helmet as well as playing clubs like Emo's in Austin, Texas and the Vincent Van Go-Go in Mobile. During this time frame, the band released one 7-inch, the Nina Haagen-Daz EP in 1987, one full-length cassette, I Want to Bowl in 1989, and one full-length CD, Tone Def in 1993, all on the band's Bite My Clank label.

Dude, I Didn't Know! is the Vomit Spots' first 12-inch full-length album. Ten tracks included on this record are released here for the first time and were recorded in 1988. While four tracks were taken from the I Want to Bowl cassette and were recorded in 1989.


Side A

  1. Dude, I Didn't Know!
  2. Booger Snot
  3. Nina Hagen Dazs
  4. T Town 2
  5. Cleavage
  6. Dames and Food
  7. Mr. Satan

Side B

  1. Skank Riot
  2. Choda
  3. Chop
  4. Home Wrecker
  5. My Shitter
  6. Rock Lobster
  7. Skate Coitus Interruptus