El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Original Soundtrack Vinyl 2XLP

Mondo, in partnership with Sony Masterworks, is proud to present the premiere release of the soundtrack to the feature length epilogue EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE

With a thrilling, pulse-pounding score by Dave Porter, and nearly a dozen songs from the movie, this limited edition vinyl release is essential listening for fans of Vince Gilligan's expanded crime saga.

Featuring songs by Chloe X Halle, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Englad Dan & John Ford Coley, Jim White (Feat. Aimee Mann), Red Snapper and more!

Featuring exclusive liner notes by composer Dave Porter and Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić
Composer Various Artists
Artist Matt Talbot
Label Mondo Music
Property Breaking Bad
Sold Out


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Side A
01. Jesse Waits (Netflix Promo #2) (1:18)
02. Enchanted Performed by Chloe X Halle (2:42)
03. Sprayed (1:49)
04. El Camino Real (3:55)
05. I’d Really Love To See You Tonight Performed by England Dan & John Ford Coley (2:39)
06. Underpass (3:35)
07. Searching by Flame (3:32) 

Side B
08. Sharing The Night Together Performed by Dr. Hook (2:55)
09. Glove Box Gamble (2:17)
10. Spikey Performed by Red Snapper (4:30)
11. Frozen Money (2:22)
12. No Cop Killer (4:48)
13. Again Alaska (2:48) 

Side C
14. It’s On Me (3:21)
15. Kandy Land (2:50)
16. Dog Run (1:15)
17. Kountry Gentleman Performed by Family Force 5 (3:22)
18. Call Me The Breeze - Performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd (5:09)
19. Like the Wild West (1:57)
20. Scorching Earth (1:17) 

Side D
21. Bluebird Performed by Alan Hawkshaw (2:13)
22. To Sir With Love Performed by Lulu (2:46)
23. A Little Bit of Soap Performed by The Jarmels (2:13)
24. If I Didn’t Have a Dime Performed by Ron Moody and the Centaurs (2:45)
25. Ambivalent Alaska (1:54)
26. Static on the Radio Performed by Jim White (feat. Aimee Mann) (6:31) 

Unless otherwise specified, all music performed and produced by Dave Porter