El Topo Statue (Mondo Edition)


El Topo, from the landmark cult film of the same name that began the Midnight Movie phenomena of the counterculture 1970s. Classic Americana and avant-garde European sensibilities, meet Zen Buddhism and the Bible, as master gunfighter and cosmic mystic El Topo, played by Jodorowsky, must defeat his four sharp shooting rivals on an ever increasing path to allegorical self-enlightenment and surreal resurrection.

Artists Andrea BlasichUnbox Industries
Property El Topo
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The cold cast limited edition statue produced by Unbox Industries features exquisite detail and is packaged in a specially crafted wood embossed box. Each piece bears the replica signature of Alejandro Jodorowsky. This version, exclusive to Mondo, features a faux bronze finish.

Product information
Material Polystone
Weight 3 lbs
El Topo Statue (Mondo Edition)
El Topo Statue (Mondo Edition)
El Topo Statue (Mondo Edition)
El Topo Statue (Mondo Edition)

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