Endgame: Bronx Lotta Finale - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Almost Gone
Distributed title
Composer Carlo Maria Cordio
Artist Renato Casaro
Label Pulse Video
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Product information
Mastered by David Hachour for ColorSound Studio
Vinyl color Black Vinyl
Vinyl weight 180 Gram

For the first time ever, here is the soundtrack from the 1983 post-apocalyptic flick directed by Joe D’Amato, Endgame – Bronx Lotta Finale...Carlo Maria Cordio’s mighty Vangelis-meets-John Carpenter score.

With hangovers from previous Giallo-based outings, Endgame’s themes are more gentle and introspective than, say, Claudio Simonetti’s muscular work for The New Barbarians and Hands of Steel but also, arguably, musically more diverse. In particular, the opening title track ‘Atomic Contamination” is genuinely chilling when set against the stock footage of a nuclear bomb going off.

While liberally pinching the vibe of Blade Runner’s more symphonic textures, Cordio’s synthesizers also do bombast, melancholy and menace when required, whilst the pretty pieces for Lilith are like semi precious jewels shining out of the murk and machismo.

The original recordings for the intro “Atomic Contamination” being impossible to use, because of the bad condition of the vintage magnetic tape, Carlo Maria Cordio made a brand new recording of the intro, with the very same instruments he used 38 years ago, especially for the LP.

Produced by Guillaume Le Disez and Anthony Neale. It has been entirely re-mastered by David Hachour for ColorSound Studio, and is presented in gatefold sleeve on 180g vinyl manufactured in France. On its front cover, the iconic artwork the movie is renowned for, and on the back cover, the alternative poster created by the great Renato Casaro.