Flames Of Durga by Flames Of Durga Mondo Exclusive

Almost Gone
Limited Edition
Distributed title
Label Last Hurrah Records
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Product information
Edition size 100
Vinyl color Mondo Exclusive Tri-Color Vinyl

Flames Of Durga is the brainchild of identical twin sisters guitarist Beah and bassist Cecilia Romero who were born and bred in Los Angeles. They grew up writing songs together, craving to share their music with the world. It wasn't until a shared near-death experience acted as their catalyst to start a band. They chose to honor "Durga", who is a Hindu fire goddess that embodies fierce, feminine energy. Joining forces with their hard hitting drummer, Nate Million, they've become a strong, electrifying, fiery force. Combining the best elements of desert rock, metal, and punk, Flames Of Durga are a scorching, visceral fire of sound and style.


Side A

  1. "Untethered"
  2. "Alpha Woman"
  3. "Quicksand"
  4. "Fever"
  5. "Darkest Hour"

Side B

  1. "White Owl"
  2. "Hush"
  3. "Electric Aura"
  4. "Hit N' Run (Man-Child)"
  5. "Backbone"