Gemini Prowler LP by The Pessimist Chamber

Almost Gone
Distributed title
Empire of Tombs is proud to present the second full-length album from the mysterious entity hailing from the UK, The Pessimist Chamber.
Composer The Pessimist Chamber
Label Empire of Tombs
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Product information
Mastered by Dan Randal at Mammoth Sound Mastering
Packaging details Waterboard Tip-On Jackets with two inserts
Vinyl color Blood Red Vinyl
The Pessimist Chambers debut album “What Sally Saw” caught our attention upon its very quiet release for the fact that the album, while distributed along with Dungeon Synth titles was anything but. It felt like a long lost z-grade video nasty score. Something spectral and familiar while also leaving a lasting chill to its overall sound. While that album laid the groundwork for the artist it would certainly not become the standard for this phantom to stay buried in.
Gemini Prowler is a neon soaked floating nightmare. It feels as though it could be the soundtrack to a Michael Mann and Brian De Palma slasher film that’s dipped in the syrup of 80’s hedonism and atmospheric dread. Something is different feels like a codeine shower. The story of the “Gemini Prowler” plays out instrumentally through the use of various synths. Some of the grand masters come to mind. Mainly Klaus Schulze, the more spatial side of Bernard Fevre, and Alan Howarth’s bleakest moments. Everything about the Gemini Prowlers presence feels real, even familiar, without ever having to take a knee in service to another. The Gemini Prowler will certainly leave its cold hands on the ears of those brave enough to take the sonic voyage into the shadows, and beyond the lure of the neon night.
Play Loud! Empire of Tombs is not responsible for any lost persons, homicides, or abductions that are in response to listening to the Pessimist Chambers “Gemini Prowler”. You have been warned.


Side A
  1. A Body In The Reeds
  2. Tokens of Murder
  3. A Knife
  4. Not Without Evidence
  5. Night of the Gemini Prowler
  6. Six Second to Midnight
Side B
  1. Codi and Beth
  2. Codi Takes A Bath
  3. Sheriff’s Office
  4. Come and Get Me You Bastard
  5. Night of the Gemini Prowler (End Titles Reprise)