George A. Romero's Knightriders - Original Motion Picture Score 2xLP Mondo Exclusive

Limited Edition
Distributed title

Scare Flair Records is humbled to be releasing Donald Rubinstein’s complete Original Motion Picture Score for George A. Romero’s cult favorite film – 1981’s KNIGHTRIDERS for the first time on vinyl!

Composer Donald Rubinstein
Artists Bill FrisellGary Pullin
Label Scare Flair Records
Property Knightriders
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 200
Liner notes Donald Rubinstein
Mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow in Athens, Georgia
Vinyl color Green Vinyl
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

Knightriders, a deeply personal film for George A. Romero, was made after Dawn of the Dead, and before Creepshow. Starring Ed Harris and Tom Savini, Knightriders follows the exploits of a renaissance troupe that stages jousting shows using motorcycles instead of horses, while try to keep faithful to their ideals during brushes with fame, local law enforcement, the modern world, and each other.

One of the most talked about aspects of the film is the score by Donald Rubinstein (Martin). Using every musical weapon at his disposal, Rubinstein wrote a musical masterpiece firing on all cylinders with a pure renaissance flair setting you right into the grandstand with Stephen King. From soaring trumpets, 70’s jazz fusion, quiet strummed guitars with sweet lyrics, and the occasional full orchestral bombast – the score enhances this film in every way that a good score should – while adding layers of emotion to it that only music can do.

The deluxe packaging for Knightriders includes the original one-sheet theatrical poster by Boris Vallejo on the front cover art, brand-new art by Ghoulish Gary Pullin sprinkled throughout, and brand new exclusive liner notes from Donald Rubinstein about the making of the score.