Godzilla 84 Soft Vinyl - Imperial Variant

Limited Edition
Based on his appearance from the Heisei Era’s opening salvo, our Godzilla 84 Soft Vinyl blasts onto the scene in rich imperial jade, tempered with a metallic silver sheen.

Designed by Hector Arce. Fight the Super X with Godzilla 84!
Artist Hector Arce
Properties GodzillaToho
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Product information
Edition size 200
Height 7.5"
Material Soft Vinyl
“Having the opportunity to work on these two figures is a dream come true for me. Especially working on my favorite Godzilla design from the 1984 RETURN OF GODZILLA movie, which is my all-time favorite. Having the chance to design, sculpt and do the paint applications for these is something little me would have never thought possible. We here at Mondo are so proud of how these came out and can’t wait to share what else we have coming up in our Soft Vinyl category.”
- Hector Arce