Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition

Limited Edition

If you're living on this planet, then you know Godzilla has held the Supreme King of the Heavyweight Monster Scene title for nearly 70 years. And at last, you can have your very own premium statue of the King, accurately detailed in every way to resemble the real-life radioactive reptilian wrecker, as seen in the 1989 film Godzilla vs. Biollante.

Sculpted by Mark Newman and Hector Arce, designed by Eric Siebenaler, and painted by Hector Arce, the GODZILLA '89 Premium Scale Statue comes with a switch-out mouth (open or closed). Also available, as supplies last, is the LIMITED EDITION, which comes with the aforementioned switch-out mouth, as well as a switch-out Heat Ray and a battle-damaged arm, wounds inflicted by vicious vegetable Biollante!

Payment plan option is available for US residents only and available through 4/13/21

Shipping flat-rate $24.95

Artists Eric SiebenalerFlorian BertmerHector ArceMark Newman
Properties GodzillaToho
Sold Out


Product information
Edition size 300
Height 18"
License Toho
Material Vinyl, Polystone, PVC
Weight 12 1/2 lbs
Width 15"

Product includes

Open Mouth/Closed Mouth accessories
Heat Ray Blast accessory
Biollante Attack - Arm accessory

Numbered out of an edition of 300