Godzilla Tokyo SOS Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition

Limited Edition
Based on the amazing Godzilla: Tokyo SOS. This statue captures the brutal battle between Godzilla, Mothra and Kiryu. Godzilla is fully realized with stunning attention to detail including an array of swappable accessories that recreate specific moments from the movie. This statue is the perfect companion piece to Mondo’s Mothra: Tokyo SOS statue released last year, creating an epic face off between the two iconic monsters!
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Artists Francesco FrancavillaGabe ChicoineHector ArceTommy Hodges
Properties GodzillaToho
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Product information
Dimensions 15" diameter base
Edition size 600
Height 16" top of head, 20" when larva attached to tail
Material Polystone/Resin
Width 17"


  • Concept Design - Francisco Francavilla, Hector Arce
  • Sculpt - Tommy Hodges 
  • Paint - Hector Arce
  • Packaging Art - Francisco Francavilla 
  • Packaging Design - Gabe Chicoine
  • Photography - Funko Funlabs

Product includes

  • Godzilla Statue
  • Two Mothra Larva
  • Base Diorama
  • Swappable Closed Lower Jaw
  • Swappable "Chomping on Mothra's legs" lower Jaw
  • Swappable semi transparent Heat Ray Attack with head
  • Swappable Tail tip (used to display with or without attached mothra Larva)