Gremlins – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP


Everyone knows the rules: Don't get 'em wet. Don't expose them to light. And above all else, don't feed them after Midnight. The only thing as iconic as the rules of Joe Dante's horror/holiday masterpiece Gremlins, is Jerry Goldsmith's earworm score.

Bouncy, festive, and frightful, Goldsmith is a master of genre blending – the soundtrack to Gremlins is not only essential for soundtrack collectors, but also for fans of the film. This is the complete expanded score, available on Vinyl for the first time.

To celebrate this incredible film, we pulled out all the stops: The 2XLP is housed in a UV sensitive gatefold jacket – when exposed to daylight, it reveals additional artwork. The disc sleeves are water sensitive as well: when exposed to a damp cloth, they reveal additional artwork. (NOTE: Water and Hot temperatures are as bad for records as they are for Gremlins, so please be mindful when playing these records!)

Mondo web exclusive version pressed on 180 Gram Mogwai (Brown and White Swirl – Disc 1) and Gremlins (Green Swirl Disc 2) Colored Vinyl.

Also available on 180 Gram Black Vinyl.

Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Artist Phantom City Creative
Label Mondo Music
Property Gremlins
Sold Out


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Side A
01. Fanfare in C (Max Steiner) / The Shop / The Little One 4:30
02. Late for Work 1:46
03. Mrs. Deagle / That Dog 2:22
04. The Gift 1:45
05. First Aid 2:17
06. Spilt Water 3:02

Side B
07. A New One 1:10
08. The Lab / Old Times 2:35
09. The Injection 2:56
10. Snack Time / The Wrong Time 1:49
11. The Box 1:24
12. First Aid 1:39
13. Disconnected / Hurry Home 1:03
14. Kitchen Fight 4:06

Side C
15. Dirty Linen 0:43
16. The Pool 1:07
17. The Plow / Special Delivery 1:16
18. High Flyer 2:22
19. Too Many Gremlins 2:06
20. No Santa Claus 3:27
21. After Theatre 1:39
22. Theatre Escape / Stripe Is Loose / Toy Dept. / No Gizmo 4:36

Side D
23. The Fountain / Stripe's Death 5:42
24. Goodbye, Billy 2:56
25. End Title / The Gremlin Rag 4:10